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CrimeStoppers We Understand

CrimeStoppers approached Tinderflint to come up with a unique approach for their "We Understand" campaign. The challenge being how to best bring anonymous stories to the screen in an engaging way.


The crux of our approach was to film strikingly cinematic shots of empty urban environments that reflected a range of crime scenarios. The environments were purposefully devoid of human activity, creating a visual motif that reflected the concept that unreported crimes are invisible to the world.


Using sound-designed soundscapes created completely in post-production to tell the stories behind our empty images, coupled with a voiceover from several actors to bring each scenario to life and land the message of CrimeStoppers as a trustworthy and non-judgemental charity.


"Ryan at Tinderflint took our brief and came up with an innovative solution to promote our anonymity through creating soundscapes to depict the various crimes that get reported to our charity. The end result was delivered on time and on budget.”  Sarah Magee, CrimeStoppers Campaigns Project Manager




Production Company


Sound Design

CODA Post Production


Conal Reid


Bronagh McKenna

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